Overcome fear, overcome virus, let's get back to normal

Do you remember what you were doing a year ago? Do you remember when you were with your loved ones wishing them a new year? If someone had come and told you that today you were going to be locked in your house watching life go through the window, Would you answer which Netflix series is that? It sounds very bad, because unfortunately that is our life today, a small virus ended our lifestyle and we stopped doing the things that we liked the most and those that we didn’t like (traffic ) like the rhythm of life we had, hey but it was fun at the beginning, don’t deny it, stay home, watch TV, watch series, play video games, read books, and obviously work out (we know that you thought here, of course I did a lot exercise (wink, wink)), but don’t worry we know that you did exercise at the beginning and then you abandoned it, or that you didn’t exercise at the beginning and now when you saw those extra pounds you decided to watch that YouTube video or download that app that promises you that with only 10 minutes a day you can get in shape, and maybe yes or no, I really doubt that someone has discovered it, well, this time has passed and we must take a step forward, we must understand that our life must continue and that both our health and our work and our dreams must be maintained, which is why we must develop a series of strategies, habits, rules and protocols that we must follow, to recover our life and get ahead, to cross the door of the house to which we now fear (and if you don’t fear you should do it). On this page we will give you the exact instructions that you must follow and we will share our experience as the warriors we are, if you think about it what is the meaning of life if you don’t live it to the fullest, if you don’t have fun or live fully, believe me it is possible even in this difficult situation. The first thing we must do is lose the fear, lose the fear, close your eyes and think about all the things you love most in your life, the things you have achieved, what you have and what you want to achieve, take a minute, did it work? Now focus on the strategies you must adopt to accomplish these goals and fulfill these plans, don’t worry if you don’t have them yet, we are here to guide you and provide you with all the tools you need to fulfill your dreams; but let’s go back to the beginning let’s start by losing fear, once we have lost fear but not respect for the disease (they are very different), we should think about going out to achieve those dreams, to earn money, to recover our jobs, to raise our companies and our businesses, for this we will start with the following exercise: Imagine that I send you a package to your house, it is a shoe size box with a gift wrap and it says dear friend here you find the best tool that has been invented to protect you against the virus: they are glasses!, glasses with your favorite design, or if you want the Iron man mask, do you like them right?, the first thing you will do is apply it antibacterial gel, because hey disinfection is the most important thing, once put on, we realize that these detect the virus, they have a mechanism that allows to detect with red dots all the surfaces that are infected including your skin, once you have them on You will see absolutely everything with red dots, (no, they are not damaged), everything is infected around you, now think that all this virus can reach you through your mouth, your nose or your eyes. What should we do ?, it is simple if all surfaces have red dots and you touch one of these with your hands, your hands will be contaminated, so whatever happens the number one rule that we impose on you is not to touch your face with these contaminated hands, please don’t do it! until you reach a certain point that would be a hand wash or a disinfectant, and remember that absolutely everything you touch while your hands have these red dots will be contaminated, so if you took your phone, your keys or your wallet they represent a danger, even the disinfectant that you touched will become a contaminated surface. Difficult, isn´t it?, Practically everything plays against us, but we are smarter than the virus! and we have the tools and the superior intellect to combat it, therefore if all the surfaces are contaminated including the disinfectant we must wash our hands first, and how ?, use the forearm to remove the soap (if it is liquid), once this in our palms we must follow the protocol that you find here for hand washing, after this you will see how the red dots will turn blue and now your hands are a new ally not an enemy, once you finish washing your hands you can start the combat of disinfection of all the surfaces that you have touched, let’s start with the basics, disinfect the disinfectant!, apply it in your hands and cover the bottle with the precious liquid, now it is another ally, continue with your cell phone, because it is the first thing you are going to take and yes, we know, we are watching you !, once you have saved your cell phone continue with the surface of your wallet, no bills, leave them alone, we know that in the house you will not need them! continue with your keys, the forgotten keys! If it is very important to disinfect them, because they are that silent enemy that we do not touch much but that is full of red dots. What do you think ?, It was not difficult, we already rescued the hands, the disinfectant, the cell phone, the wallet and yes! the keys too, this is the basic, the essential that we must do in all the places we visit, and remember, don’t touch your face! Now we must continue with our important mission of surviving this apocalypse, continuing with our lives and creating new habits, so we will continue this story with the most visited places by you, and remember, we observe you !, let’s see the behavior that we should have before leaving home, then what we should do when we get home, what we should do on our site From work, in the store, in a shopping center, a cinema, a gym, excuse me, I’m excited! To a cinema or a gym it is better not to go for several months since they are serious sources of contagion, but take it easy there are still many fun things we can do and many goals to achieve, follow us to learn more about this story, remember we will observe you and we will find out if you ignore us.